Memories of Europe

Statue in Brüssel

The international project «Memories of Europe» with partners from Lucerne (Leading House), Paris, Cologne, Berlin, Nijmegen and Warsaw is part of the project «Fostering of international cooperation in education and research in the field of memory cultures and history teaching» of the University of Teacher Education Lucerne financed by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI.

The project is designed in the intersection of public history and memory studies, both in research and education. The core of the project is a blended learning MA-seminar for students of the six Universities, focusing on the analysis of the construction, usage and transformation of practices and narratives of memory of Europe / with regard to Europe by different agents in the public sphere, such as museums, monuments, literature and film, architecture, media and political agents. With regard to European myths the spatial dimension – imagined spaces, transnational entanglements, borders and the construction of ‘external others’ – is of special interest. In this context Europe’s colonial past is focused on in particular. In collaboration with the House of European History and the Royal Museum for Central Africa, both in Brussels, on-site and digital Workshops are organised.

Apart from the yearly seminar, the project intends to establish a network for internships and to enable the collaboration of students in projects and publications.